Hello, I'm Anthony and this is my portfolio. I've been doing branding, marketing and designing since around 2004. Currently I run two companies, Indestructible Dog & Dogify, that's centered around, you guessed it, dogs. Bark!

The way I see myself, I'm constantly on the move learning, experimenting and diving head first into projects. I definitely lean towards having a strong brand and sticking to your guns, good clean designs that puts the user first and knowing exactly who your market is.

In 2010 I completed my MBA from Michigan State University ( _insert Spartan chant_ ).

On a personal note, I currently live in Michigan with my pup, Dakota (almost named her Gato, but...). I enjoy all things web, the great outdoors, biking, hiking, kayaking, and a nice conversation. You can usually find me being social on the interwebs with the username: khedaywi. Pretty much the only one on Google. Bam!